Dev-XP-Sessions are online AMAs featuring industry experts who interact with and answer questions from the Devcenter Square community. These experts are from several fields in Sofware Design and Development, bringing their wealth of knowledge and experience to the benefit members of the community.

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Dev-XP-Session on Building for Emerging Market.

Wole is a Co-founder and CEO of NetPlusDotCom. NetPlusDotCom is a diversified e-business and software company with a varied and dedicated team whose mission is to provide value-added solutions to the emerging e-business market in Nigeria.

Wole Faroun



Dev-XP-Session on Non-Traditional path to Tech Career.

Priscila is an Enterprise Support agent at Github. She provides technical support to system admins using GitHub Enterprise. Bryan is Pre-sales Engineer at Github. He helps customers understand GitHub and how it can help them.

Priscila Heller and Bryan Cross



Dev-XP-Session on Blockchain and Open Source Collaboration

Kennedy is a Co-founder and CEO of Ellcrys. Ellcrys is a new blockchain that will allow people build community-owned software products and organizations.

Kennedy Idialu



Dev-XP-Session on Monetizing Digital Content

Hugo is the founder and CEO of MonaPay. MonaPay is a micro-payment solution that enables Nigerian digital content producers earn money for their content using airtime e.g. games, music, comics, e-books, etc.

Hugo Obi



Dev-XP-Session on Marketing Yourself

Pamela is the Marketing Manager at GitHub and has 15+ years experience working for a diverse array of brands. Lee Dohm is the Open Source Community Manager at Github. They will be talk about marketing yourself as a developer, getting through the noise and making sure you standout in your own way.

Pamela Corbin-Audoux and Lee Dohm


Dev-XP-Session on Machine Learning

Akshay is a senior engineer at, YC'18. He is also the winner of Smart India Hackathon. He currently works with the Indian government to reduce the increasing unemployment rates.

Akshay Sharma


Dev-XP-Session on Public Speaking

John is a Senior Software Engineer at GitHub. He is the creator of the Open Source pastebin software, Hastebin. He does alot of public speaking at meetups, conferences, and sessions all over the world.

John Crepezzi


Dev-XP-Session on Career with Martin

Martin is a Career Advisor and Program Manager with Udacity. He support students in their job search and create courses and programs that help people network better, crush the interviews and land the job of their dreams.

Martin McGovern


Dev-XP-Session on Open Source and Community

Chat session for developers to learn more about getting involved in open source, practices and community

Lee Dohm and Alejandro Cadavid


Dev-XP-Session with Crazy Bob

Chat session focused on his 'experience as a developer'. His transition from Google to Square and his rise to CTO of Square and then his new company 'Present Company'

Bob Lee


Dev-XP-Session on Art Direction and Brand Identity

Chat session to discuss the role of art direction in defining brand identity and how it matters in how we interact as brands.

Damilola Marcus


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